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Salvoaudio welcomes you to the music and messages of our Army, inspired by the Message of Christ. Some friends of mine recently travelled to London during the Boundless Congress. They made comment not only the thousands of Salvationists on the streets of London but how immaculate the Salvationists looked. They said that the pride in wearing the uniform was obvious. Of course this is a uniform which represents Holiness in our lives and our striving to be like Christ. We have the Promise of full and eternal Salvation through sacrificing our lives to Christ, with daily prayers and CONSTANT meditation of his Word to witness to others of His Love, Mercy and Grace to us as sinners.May God grant us the Peace that only He can give.


August 2015 Broadcast by Tom Quick

July 2015 Broadcast by Tom Quick

Mid July 2015 Broadcast by Tom Quick

June 2015 Broadcast by Tom Quick

May 2015 Broadcast by Tom Quick

March Part2 2015 Broadcast by Tom Quick

March Part1 2015 Broadcast by Tom Quick

General Eva Burrows (AO)

General Eva Burrows (AO) SERVICE OF THANKSGIVING 31 MARCH 2015

Easter Music 1 and 2 for Salvoauaudio by Tom Quick

February 2015 Broadcast by Tom Quick

The Salvoaudio Selection of Band Music 2014

The Salvoaudio Songsters 2014

The Birmingham School of Music

The Salvoaudio Songster Selections 5


1930's Citadel Memories-performances of that decade in the Salvation Army

The Music of Sunday at the Sydney Congress Hall

Visit of the MSB to Canberra 20th JUNE 2012

LIVING FAITH ? First 67 Years Tribute to the ISB

Congress Memories Sydney 1955

The Celebration Concerts of the 120th Anniversary of the ISB

The Salvoaudio Collection

There are added almost daily new sermons to our list from eminent Salvationists. Our most recent offerings include


The Kingship of Christ Major Terry Grey

Mathew 13 Major Lyn Edge

Our Relational God-The Trinity Major Lyn Edge

The Meeting of Jesus and Nicodemus Major Terry Grey

The Evil of Pergamon Major Terry Grey

The Parable of Investment Major Terry Grey

Mark 10_What must I do to be saved Major Terry Grey

God's Partnership with Us In All Circumstances Major Terry Grey

Don't Give Up Giving Up Major Dean Smith

WILLIAM BOOTH_A lecture by General Frederick Coutts 1960

The Message of Holiness Zechariah Major John Rees

Hunger and Thirst after Righteousness Chief of Staff, Commissioner and Mrs Barry Swanson, Sydney 2010

The Transforming Power of Christ Lt Colonel James Condon

Messages of Previous Generals of the Salvation Army




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Salvoaudio Piano Music

Salvoaudio Piano Music 2

How Great Thou Art

In this Quiet Moment

I know a Fount_PIANO

Shielded by His Faithfullness

Above All Powers

Have Your Way

Yes Yes Lord

I surrender all

I know a Fount

i Believe Jesus Saves

Power in the Blood

O Ancient of Days

Faith is the Glory of the Lord

In His Presence


Crown Him Lord of all

Here at the Cross

I have changed

In the Love of Jesus

Nothing But Thy Blood

Wash me in the Blood

God So Loved the World

O Boundless Salvation

Love changes Everything

Glory to the Lamb

Onward Christian Soldiers

Studies in Holiness

Community Hymns

Favorite Hymns

Frederick Coutts Memorial Lectures

Regal 78 r.p.m.

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