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Salvoaudio Band Collection 2020

Fanfare of Paise Royal Oak Citadel Band Michigan B/m Dale Johnson

Neath The Banner B/m Dale Johnson

Deep River Basel Band

Marching in the Light; East Michigan Divisional Band B/m Greg Payon

As the Deer ;Royal Oak Citadel Band

Chicago Staff Band ; Festival March ; Kevin Larson B/m Olaf Ritman

Meadowlands Band Hamilton, Robert Redhead, The Sound of the Gospel

Royal Oak Citadel Band; Great Is the Lord; William Gordon

i know Thou art mine; Len Valentine; Royal Oak Band

Oshawa Temple Band ; Cairo Red Shield

The Wonder of It all; Canadian Staff Band; B/m Kevin Heywood Kenneth Smith

The East Michigan Youth Band; Picton Citadel ; Robert Radhead

Basel March B/m Ernst Herzberger

ST Fancis ;William Hymes

Deep River ; Basel Band

Brass of Praise ; Steve Ponsford

Majesty ; Kenneth Downie; Basel Band B/m Ernst Hertzberger

Amsterdam Staff Band ; Just as Thous Art ;B/m Olaf Ritman

Goldcrest Basel Band

ISB ; Symphony Of Thanksgiving ; Dean Goffin B/m S Cobb

His Glory Proclsim ; Basel Corps Band

In the Firing Line; Bramwell Coles ; ISB B/m S Cobb

Berman Staff Band Poor Way Faring Stranger Rueben Schmidt

Cantata 14.7 The Prophet Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring Basel Band

Proclamation; NYStaff band ; B/m Derek Lance

Nicaea ; by Marcus Venebles; CD Äll Powerful

Semper Fidelis ; NY Staff Band; Martin Cordner

Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus arr Dr Jonathon Roussel

Seafarer; by Norman Bearcroft; B/m Derak Lance; NYSB

Christ Of Calvary ; Annie Laurie ;NYSB Arr Joel Collier; Endless power CD

Radiance; Meditation by Andrew Garcia B/m Derek Lance NYSB

NYSB,B/m Derak Lance; Beside the Sea by Andrew Milraith "When Jesus Looked Oer Galilee

NYSB; O love That will no let me go; B/m Derek Lance/p>

NYSB; God is my Shelter by Kenneth Downey